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Happy Birthday Thot e-Gift Card

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Thot Education 101: What is a Thot? It is an abbreviation for Thirsty Hoe Over There. A lady who holds herself with elegance and beauty is valued and regarded in a way that perplexes the mind of a  broke dude. If you‘re a suburban soccer mom then you‘re probably not familiar with the slang term. You'll also be glad to know that I’m going to give you a crash course into Thot Education 101.

Los Angeles-based rapper known as Blueface resurrected the phrase with his hit tune Thotiana. The track is unquestionably a club banger. Females are more often than not in the club singing the catchy hook,“ Bust down, Thotiana, I wanna see you bust down, Pick it up, now break it down, Speed it up, then slow it down, on the gang”. Feel free to bust some coins on this Happy Birthday Thot eGift Card. From Ghetto fabulous to urban-chic, a girl can never have too many gift cards!

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