Beige Tassel Drop Chain Dangle Earrings

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When you're looking for a sexy way to dress for a Netflix evening with your BAE, there are a few ambiance essentials you'll need. Indeed, a box of rubbers would help, if you know what I mean. A mouthwatering lace gown with edible pastries certainly couldn't hurt. But what we think is going to make you feel like a roaring tiger, are these Beige Tassel Drop Chain Earrings dangling from your ears in your bare naked glory. Loaded with sex appeal these earrings are made with Marilyn Monroe in mind. Go ahead and secure your safety belt and don't stop on break until your achieve the highest point of the mountain.

  • Length: 5.12"
  • Width: 0.20"
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Metal: Alloy
  • Country Origin: Made in USA

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