Purple Snake Earrings

Purple Thick Snake Print Round Earrings

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Are you the superstitious kind of gal who believes in Old Wives Tales about horseshoes, rabbits' feet, four-leaf clovers and black snacks? Unfortunately, I can't help you with the first three, but as far as serpents go, we have some of the most unusual ones around, especially in the great state of Texas! They are mean, venomous, and beautiful with vivid subtle details. Wear these Purple Thick Snake Print Round Earrings when you have a craving for being wild and insane, let them dangle from your ears, and you will come to understand that there's no true facts about Old Wives Tales, only myths and opinions. As my grandmother would say, €œwearing a snake's tooth around your neck means you'll have good luck until the end of time". Maybe I should rethink my opinion about Old Wives Tales!

  • Length: 3.35"
  • Width: 2.76"
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Country Origin: Made in USA

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