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What Not To Wear In 2019!

What Not To Wear In 2019!


You don’t have to show your derriere or butt to be risqué in 2019. Style icons like Kim K, Beyoncé, Rhianna, Katy Perry, and Rita Ora were all stripped down in their naked sheer dresses and high wasted undergarments in 2018. There is nothing wrong with having an edgy hot look or fierce couture wardrobe, but some fashion trends are meant to be trendy less.

Ayesha Curry, the wife and classic beauty of Golden State Warriors MVP star Stephen Curry, started a controversy on Twitter stating she would "keep the good stuff covered up for the one who matters" adding that she would prefer, "classy over trendy any day of the week."

What not to wear 2019



Whether you like fitted slacks, britches, trousers, cropped shorts, ripped or skinny jeans there’s no reason why anyone should be wearing baggy parachute pants in 2019. In the early '90s, when it was cool not to be cool, you couldn't go anywhere without hearing MC Hammer's hit song “U Can’t Touch This” or seeing someone wearing his signature gold parachute pants.

Only buy a trendy item if you can make it work in your wardrobe. You should never wear clothes or accessories that will make you feel uncomfortable or look embarrassed, unless it’s Halloween!

What not to wear 2019 - Baggy Parachute Pants



The fashion jewelry motto in 2018 was “More is better and less is not”! Every fashion designer and internet blogger were talking about Rhianna’s accessories, from stacked midi finger rings to layered drop chain necklace. You should never go overboard; your wardrobe should vary from edgy unique earrings to simply elegant bracelets.

The easiest way to accessorize your jewelry is by wearing one item that will spicy up your entire outfit. You can pair a large colorful statement ring with a strapless top or a chevron hinge bangle with a maxi dress. Never pile on multiple items unless you are going for a dark gothic or rocker chic look.
What do you think about these fashion Trends? Do you think people will continue these looks throughout 2019?

What not to wear 2019 - Stacked Jewelry


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