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The Shade & Drama: Andy and Tituss

Tituss Burgess was about to pop a cap of mmm-into Andy Cohen’s messy behind...

It doesn’t matter the temperature, season or year, The shady thermostat is always set at 100°C. That’s Right! All the nosey and messy people know what I’m talking about. And, we tend to gossip more and get nosier as we get older. So, Pour yourself a cup of tea and let the rumors begin. Now, We heard through the grapevine, otherwise known as TMZ, that Tituss Burgess, the black guy from the Downy Unstoppable commerical was about to pop a cap of mmm-into Andy Cohen’s messy behind.

Andy Cohen is messier than a baby's diaper

The word on the street is, or better yet, what had happened was Burgess stormed out of the "Watch What Happens Live" studio on Sunday night after host Andy Cohen's question him about working with Eddie Murphy. Cohen said to Burgess, “I wonder if you got close to Murphy because he was very problematic for the gays at one point when I was coming up". Burgess reminded Andy that he was—in fact—not a cast member of The Real Housewives of Atlanta so he shouldn't be coming for him.

Tituss Burgess & Andy Cohen

With a side eye and lips perched...

All throughout the interview, which also included Laverne Cox, Cohen tried Burgess a few times. He made remarks that rehashed old topics and tried to be messy and stir up drama during a time when there was no need. The fact that Burgess didn’t hop over the couch warrants him an award of some sort for best composure and self-restraint.

To make a long story short, we all gossip and spread rumors.

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