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Just Like A Pill

Just Like A Pill

Ahhh...the first time I heard Pink’s song, Just Like A Pill....

"Run just as fast as I can To the middle of nowhere, To the middle of my frustrated fears, And I swear you're just like a pill, 'Stead of makin' me better, you keep makin' me ill”! It was the summer of 2002; I was 21 years old and madly in love with Mr. Wrong. Yes, Mr. Wrong! But that's another story for another time. The lyrics are still ingrained in my memory just like my first love—you never forget your first love especially if they did you wrong! 

Remember the good old days when TRL (Total Request Live) was the shit?

Ah, the '2000’s--full of plaid, flip phones, throwback jerseys, and grunge bands, lots and lots of grunge bands. But the best part about the decade, hands down, was Napster. Thanks to Napster, my mp3 player was loaded with cool tunes. Better believe it; I knew then that music theft was illegal; however, I couldn't have cared less. You might roll your eyes at me, but there is something very satisfying about free stuff. Why? Just the word free, instills us with a sense of impending omnipotence, taking control of something for nothing.

Just like a pill earrings

Tired of your boring jewelry? Sick of looking the same?

The worst thing about being sick is, well...being sick. If we want to look at the bright side though, you can focus on the positive. There are two simple solutions: listening to Pink and these Mini Pill Capsule Stud Earrings. These edgy earrings are a great way to add a funky look to any outfit. You can pair them with skinny jeans, a T-shirt, and an open plaid shirt of a modern grunge-inspired look or with a sweet dress and leggings for something a little different. You're always looking for ways to shake up your look, so why not splurge on quirky jewelry? That doesn't necessarily mean you have to change your style--just adding an element of the unexpected is all you need.

Pill Earrings



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