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How you doin? I came to Slay

How you doin? I came to Slay

Perched lips, hands arched and eyes rolling from side to side! How you doin? I’m serving you my finest Wendy Willams impression. The daytime talk host is serving up hot tea about our most loved celebs. She’s also getting her grove back too, as Angela Bassett did in, “How Stella Got Her Groove Back”. Based on her jovial appearance lately, it seems like she’s handling the stress much better despite splitting from her longtime husband and producer, Kevin Hunter. Who allegedly got his side chick pregnant. To make a long story, If it looks like a dog, walks like a dog, and barks like a dog, then it’s a damn four-legged dog...OKURRR

Big Cheetah Hoops

It’s time to Slay

Straight from New Orleans, Big Freedia put the hot in hot sauce when she ad-libbed on Beyonce’s 2016 hit song Formation. She said, “I did not come to play with you hoes, ha-ha. I came to slay, bitch! I like cornbread and collard greens, bitch! Oh yas, you besta believe it,”. These lyrics are not meant for the faint-of-heart or the girl who’s afraid of talking shit. They’re meant for the down south boughetto females who aren't afraid to rock colorful wigs and big bamboo earrings. Forget everything you thought you knew about slaying and prepare to SLAYYYYYYY dem hoes with the hottest jewelry and accessories this season.

Big Green Earrings

Don't just arrive, make an entrance

It may be hot and muggy outside, but there's no reason why your summer outfits can't keep up with the latest fashion trends! Wear less, keep cool, and look totally cute in these statement earrings. Whether you're into long earrings, big shoulder hoops, or chic clip-on designs, there's a style to match every outfit and every budget this season. Score your favorites while you can and don't let this cute collection pass you by! After all, what jewelry lover doesn't need a pair of SLAYING earrings to go with a mini dress or booty short?

Big Gemstone Metal Earrings

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