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How to Accessorize Like Female Hip Hop Artists

How to Accessorize Like Female Hip Hop Artists

You don’t have to be sweet and demur to have style that other people covet. Style icons like Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and Cardi B are proof that you can be a diva with an attitude, but still be known as fashionable. The biggest way to add some edge and glamour to your style, is to update your jewelry collection. Edgy jewelry with rock flair is how fierce fashion stars make their looks known.g

Nicki Minaj Ups the Ante with Fitted Chains

There is nothing about rapper Nicki Minaj that is subtle or understated. She is constantly looking to recreate her look and make her outfits stand out. The way that she attracts the most attention is with her use of unique jewelry. She doesn’t wear simple necklace chains or drop earrings. Minaj chooses ear cuffs that are jeweled and rings that are stacked to make a style statement that commands attention. Large statement chains that turn heads and advertise her latest albums are what she is most known for. Minaj chooses rock jewelry that shows off her individuality and highlights what makes her great.

Rihanna Stuns in Goth Jewelry

Rihanna is known for being stunningly beautiful, but she accentuates her natural appeal with jewelry that you simply can’t look away from. This songstress is known for being a bit more punk and glam than the rest. She tends to choose jewelry that is silver and then adds color in small doses. Her hand jewelry is where she puts forth the most fashion effort. From stacked rings and elegant rock pendants, her jewelry does not go unnoticed. She can never wear too much at once, because there is no such thing as overkill when it comes to the jewelry looks of RiRi.

Cardi B Pushes the Boundaries with Edgy Jewelry

If there is one fashion diva that has no fear, it is Cardi B. Her entire career has been crafted from the way that she can turn anything into a style statement. She has no fears when it comes to updating her look. In recent months, she has dialed down the fashion crazy just a little bit, but she still keeps her look updated with just the right jewelry pieces. Big hoop earrings paired with a drop chain neckklace is her go-to rocker chic style that compliments any outfit.

These ladies know how to accessorize and you can too!

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