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Girlfriend Code 101: Trust No Bitch

Girlfriend Code 101: Trust No Bitch

Sometimes it takes a reminder that you can trust no one but yourself, and what better way than jewelry with attitude. Risque21 has a hot new line of jewelry that tells it the way it is: Trust No Bitch.

You’re young, with your whole life ahead of you, when some bitch steps in and tries to mess it up. They steal your boyfriend, they borrow your shit and don’t return it, and they never seem to return that money they snatched out of your purse. It’s not even so much the cash, as there’s more where that came from. It’s their attitude. They’re not really your friend, they’re just passing through. 

Show them just how you feel with Risque21 jewelry. Choose a variety of necklaces, and earrings in bright, coordinating colors, to tell the world that you Trust No Bitch.

You’ll certainly garner a great reaction when you wear these necklaces and earrings. Some bitches may ask “What the fuck does that mean?” while the really cool gals will get it. Hey, if you owe them money, you can even offer to pay them back with their own set of Risque21 Trust No Bitch jewelry.

Risque21 prominently displays your bitchy message along a full color pendant that hangs from a chain. Enhance your best assets with one of these cool necklaces. The earrings are awesome too. They’re round, with the Trust No Bitch message displayed around colorful pierced hook-style earrings. Choose from an assortment of colors to match every outfit.

Just like in Rihanna’s song “Bitch Better Have My Money”, you’ll want to be careful who you hang out with. It seems that some women are on the take take take, and you have to watch your crap all the time. They don’t even ask, sometimes they just snatch it right out of your bag, and that goes for stealing your man too. So, who can you count on? No one! That’s right; you can only count on yourself in this world.

Every time you look at yourself in the mirror—you look perfecto BTW—you’ll be reminded to keep on your toes while in school, work, or at a party. It’ll give you a good smirk to know that you’re on top of things. Your friends will wonder how you exude some confidence: is it Clairol or Risque21?

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