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Coachella Fashion Accessories

Coachella Fashion Accessories

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is where celebrities, bloggers and influencers come together for a week long celebration to listen to different genre of music, such as rock, pop, indie, & hip-hop. In addition to hosting live music Coachella is a showcase for visual arts, including abstract and sculpture pieces.  Generally speaking, you don’t have to be an art guru or listen to oldies from artists like Janis Joplin or Bob Marley to enjoy the biggest musical gathering in the United States. Many of your favorite celebrities like Beyoncé, Ariana Grande & Lady Gaga have all headlined this 3-day weekend event. They have never failed to dazzle you with their vintage-inspired fashion; from unique head pieces to body chains and tassel earrings. In many cases, you’ll find inspiration and new ideas from their wardrobe to channel your artsy side.


There were many Iconic celebs present this year but Cardi B dominated the festival with her style, from colorful hair extensions to big hoop earrings. Despite the current fashion trends, many of the attendees created their own personal styles. They wore big embellished earrings with feathers and rhinestones, wide brim hats, & colorful wigs. The unique head pieces mostly resembled the Mohawk style. The necklaces had tiers and were embellishing both casual and urban attire. The earrings were dominated by other pieces of bright and shiny jewelry.  However the ones worn were huge big colored stones and fancy subtle designs. Without a doubt the body chains have replaced the need of a shirt. The fashionista took full advantage of each other and showed all that is cool and new in the realm of Boho-chic and free spirit. The styles of our heart throbbing celebs will definitely be trending throughout the year.

Let’s break down the best of Coachella Accessories.

Big Earrings

Unique Earrings were all over the place this season, from big bold earrings, to long chain chandeliers. This is the season to be free and wild like a flower child. If you’re feeling like a hipster and not afraid of change then go with these Bronze Black Square Wooden Glitter Link Earrings , Green Extra Large Gemstone Crescent Earrings, or Red Multicolor Wooden Thread Wrapped Earrings.

    Fashion Necklaces

    If you’re feeling a little more flamboyant, these styles may be more up your alley. A bold necklace with a simple touch of color really adds a lot to an outfit. You can match it with a beaded for a layered look that’s not too loud.  Sometimes less is more … but then again, sometimes more is more. You’ll have to decide which style works best for you. Green Open Circle Faux Marble Beaded Necklace Set, Blue Green Multicolor Beaded Statement Chain Necklace, Yellow Multicolor Kaleidoscope Nylon Charm Necklace, Black Wooden Beaded Chunky Jesus Piece Necklace.

    Statement Necklaces

    Unique Bracelets

    Looking for another arm ornament to add to your collection of unique jewelry? More is more when it comes to stacked bangles. An outfit is never completely assembled without some finishing touches. Shop these stunning boho bracelets to create your own, one-of-a-kind look. Green Faux Pearl Coil Wrap Bracelet, Multicolor Flower Bouquet Hinged Bracelet, Pink Uneven Curve Stretch Bracelet.

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