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Beyonce's Lion King Premiere Yellow Dress

Beyonce's Lion King Premiere Yellow Dress

Can you hear that? No? Listen's Queen Bey buzzing through in a high-pitched colorful couture dress. We still haven’t quite gathered ourselves from Beyoncé and Blue Ivy’s dazzling custom Alexander McQueen looks for the Hollywood Lion King debut, but if you thought Beyoncé’s London look was all about color, you weren't paying much attention to details.

The “I COME TO SLAY”, star hit the red carpet wearing a custom Vietnamese-based designer Nguyen Cong Tri freakum dress. Tri is the first Vietnamese designer to launch a dedicated couture house, as well as the first to showcase a collection at New York Fashion Week. Beyoncé is known to embrace new designers and be very open about her wardrobe so it's no surprise that she was confident to rock this high slit dress.

The dress featured a jaw-dropping leg slit that went all the way up to her waist. In addition to the jaw-dropping leg slit, Beyoncé’s dress was also tailored uniquely for her own style, and included an asymmetrical neckline with one cap sleeve and one off-the-shoulder sleeve, with a triangular cutout in the bodice. The singer also wore a pair of diamond, dangly earrings with her hair styled bone straight. The sexy dress may have overshadowed her accessories, but only momentarily. The look was worn with a gold, jewel-encrusted clutch bag that deserves its own moment in the spotlight.

The dress was the focal point of the entire look, it was oozing with, look at me bitch. I didn’t come to play with you hoes. I came to slay! The bootylicious singer, who voices Disney Nala in the reboot of lion King, grabbed all the attention when she walked the red carpet with her billionaire husband, Jay-Z. She has proved once again why she’s the Queen B of the colony and we’re the working ants.


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