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Are You a Regular, Degular, Shmegular Girl?

Are You a Regular, Degular, Shmegular Girl?

Press, press, press, press, press, Cardi don't need more press..

According to Cardi B, some people are too pressed about what others are doing. They become involved with gossiping and tattling, when they should be minding their own damn business. I'm certain you'll concur that an excessive amount of press is awful press. Then again, would you say you’re a "regular, degular, shmegular down chick? If you're a Cardi B fan, you should be familiar with her well-known catchphrases? Okurrr!

Cardib Pressed

With every new Cardi B music video comes an over-the-top look

Every day when you get dressed you can't help but feel like your outfit is missing something. Perhaps a pop of color? Or maybe a fun and whimsical element? Unfortunately, you can’t afford Cardi’s pricey over-the-top wardrobe. Lucky for you, these big ole earrings will add a new dimension to your urban jewelry collection. Give yourself the gift of superfly jewelry. You'll discover that you can't go wrong with one-of-a-kind jewelry. Boasting an array of clear crystals in a gorgeous setting, each color is meshed into a triangular shape. The outcome is an eye-catching addition to your look that will land you on the hip-hop best-dressed list.

After all, life's too short to pass up on some Big Ole Earrings.

These beauties shimmer in the dark and will most certainly take center stage when you attend Cardi's next concert. They will perfectly complement a mini dress or booty shorts for an astonishing finishing touch. Additionally, they’re the perfect pair for the urban girl who loves dazzle jewelry while also wanting to keep a smart budget in mind. With your choice of fabulous hues to pick from, you're bound to dazzle in a playful pair. Lastly, they coordinate with most everything and always deliver that sought-after shine. That's why you'll love these earrings! Select your favorite color and welcome the power of big ole earrings into your jewelry collection.

Gold Big Mesh Earrings

Black Big Mesh Earrings

Purple Big Mesh Earrings

Pink Big Mesh Earrings

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