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Accessorizing On A Shoestring Budget

Accessorizing On A Shoestring Budget

Are you constantly looking for ways to keep your look fresh and updated on a shoestring budget? We cannot all afford to run out to the high end department stores to buy expensive accessories but even if you could why would you spend more than you have to? If you spend a ton of money on jewelry that will be out of style in about 6 months that does not make you a fashionista that makes you someone that is spending far too much money with very little reward. Updating your style can sometimes get pretty expensive, but you can affordably compliment any high fashion look with the right accessories.

Tired of Dainty Jewelry

If you are tired of plain and dainty jewelry, it is time to shake up your look with unique earrings that are designed to be eye catching. Sterling silver and gold necklaces have a place in your collection, but it is time to branch out and add some statement pieces that will turn heads and add to your fashion sense.

Statement Necklaces under $12.99

If you want to move away from traditional necklaces you do not have to go far. This red and black colored cord necklace and earrings set is just the type of jewelry you have been searching for. Cord necklaces are one of the hottest current trends and you can join in on the craze with this high quality option. It offers a unique style due to the gold tube slider pendants that are attached to the multi-layered cords. You get to mix different jewelry trends together for an updated look that can enhance any outfit. Jewelry is often the final touch, but this cord necklace will be attracting the most attention. Artsy necklaces like this cord set have a place in your jewelry box and can be coordinated with different outfits and styles.

Unique Earrings under $9.99

Before you pick out your outfit for date night or coordinate your office look, you need to complete your look with a pair of unique earrings. It is time to break away from subtle and refined. You need to add a little edge and uniqueness into your look. Unique earrings have the ability to become the focal point of your look. This means that they can actually be the style statement instead of your clothing. Pairing a pair of chandelier earrings with skinny jeans, a white tee and booties allows for a laid back style.

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